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Why Howdens?

The growth and success of Howdens since the business started trading in 1995 have been based on three key aspects of its business model, which have set it apart from other kitchen suppliers.


Delivering better service to the builder

Howdens' business has been built through recommendation and reputation. It is based on supplying trade customers, principally small builders, with a range of rigid kitchens and joinery products that are always available from local stock, and fitting in with the world in which they work.


Entrepreneurial depots

We want staff in our depots to be entrepreneurial and to focus on growing their business and serving their customers. To achieve this, we allow our managers to run their depot as if it was their own business, with managers and their staff sharing in the depot's profitability


Focused supply chain

Our supply function has one customer, the depot. It is completely focused on ensuring that all aspects of the products we sell are right for everyone involved in their purchase and installation. Commercial considerations underpin all our decisions as to whether products should be manufactured in our own UK factories.

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