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Share fraud warning

Share fraud warning

If it sounds too good to be true .... it probably is!

If you suspect you may have been the victim of an attempted share fraud, click on the icon below to find out more.

FSA Share Fraud Warning icon

News update -
4 November 2014

We have become aware that a number of current and past shareholders have recently been contacted by a business called Keystone Corporate Group, which claims to own a large proportion of Howden's shares. THIS IS WHAT IS KNOWN AS A 'BOILER ROOM SCAM'.

If you receive such a call, you are advised not get into a conversation, note the name of the person and firm contacting you and then end the call.

Click on the icon to the left for further information.


Howdens' mission statement

To supply from local stock nationwide the small builder's ever-changing, routine, integrated kitchen and joinery requirements, assuring best local price, no-call-back quality and confidential trade terms...... and to provide the builder's customer with enough choice, advice and aftersales to make a home to be proud of.